Errislannan or book of a soul, de Florence Toulouse

Auteur de l'article: Florence Toulouse
Date de publication dans la revue: 15/09/2014

I know my soul came from Ireland. A misty land looking peaceful sometimes. A strange thing happened to me, my memories of some ancient time brought me back to this green country. I am a more simple woman than I thought. “No coward soul is mine”. My life has been a search of my own land and I know that Ireland is my soul’s land. I was brought up as a Christian and a Christian I shall remain. Those Celtic deities, those ancient laws are mine. Then, I used to be a poet of this land. If some day, the writer in me is approved by the people of another country, I am sure that I will try to settl e myself in this area nearby the Atlantic Ocean, not far from Errislannan, not far from the place my soul remembers. Connemara is just what sounds for me a land of freedom. Not “a terrible beauty” as the poet thought. Something different, special and precious as a secret, the secret of my soul.